DNews is a twice-daily news show for Discovery Communications. In just over a year, DNews built an audience of over 600,000 subscribers and over 100 million views on YouTube.

In that time I wrote and hosted about 400 videos for the channel about everything from bringing extinct animals back from the dead to why people are left-handed to how Internet usage is changing how we think and remember.

DNews episodes I’ve hosted have been featured on Upworthy, io9, Kotaku, Digg, Laughing Squid, Devour, HuffPost Science, and Lifehacker.

I’ve made appearances for DNews on HuffPost Live and YouTube Nation.

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We know some animals have better eyesight than us lowly humans, but as Anthony tells us, it’s not just cats who see well in the dark. In fact, they’ve gone…

Which Alcohol Gives the Worst Hangover?

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If you’ve ever had one too many beers with your friends one night, you’ll know how terrible that next morning can be. Hangovers are no fun, and if you drink,…

5 Holiday Lies You Believe

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There are a bunch of facts surrounding the holiday season you probably believe to be true, but totally aren’t! Anthony rights a few holiday wrongs.

Why Dogs Spin Before Pooping

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Do you ever wonder why dogs will sometimes walk in circles before sleeping or going to the bathroom? Well, it has to do with some hygiene and territorial instincts that…