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Hi! Thanks for reaching out. Before you send me a message, check out the following:

  • I don’t have anything to do with hiring at Lucasfilm/Star Wars. Please don’t ask me if they’re hiring. If you’re looking to work/intern for Lucasfilm, their recruiting site is here.
  • We unfortunately can’t give tours of the Star Wars office. When we’re there, we’re working. We just don’t have time to show visitors around. Sorry.
  • Where’d you get the shirt you’re wearing in [VIDEO]? Most of the shirts I wear on The Star Wars Show come from specific events and unfortunately can’t be purchased anywhere/no longer exist. Sorry! As far as my other stuff, I get a lot of it at Bonobos, Uniqlo, and Topman. You can find pretty similar stuff there!
  • If you’ve got a correction for an episode of DNews/Seeker: be aware my latest video for that channel is a couple years old at this point. Science and research are always changing and updating. Whatever video you’re watching was based on the most up to date information at the time. I also no longer work for Discovery, so I can’t change or update anything on the DNews channel, nor do I have a contact over there. Sorry!
  • I probably can’t take on being interviewed for your school project or personal blog. I wish I could! Unfortunately, time restraints mean I can’t do as much of this sort of thing as I’d like. Absolutely send your request along, but please don’t be disappointed if I can’t reply. Thank you for understanding!
  • How did you get started in hosting? What sort of advice do you have for someone who wants to do what you do? I got my start by producing my own content and going to open auditions on Craigslist, etc. You can hear about it in detail on this episode of the Indy Mogul “First Films” podcast.
  • What equipment do you use? You can find a list of specific equipment used in descriptions of every video I post on my YouTube channel, so if you enjoyed the look of a particular video, you’ll find the answer there!
  • I noticed “Carboni” and “carbonite” are similar. I think maybe there’s a joke there? Maybe.