Insomnia isn’t fun. It can have some pretty harsh physical and psychological side effects. Is insomnia actually changing your brain? Anthony breaks down some of the causes of insomnia, and explains what exactly it’s doing to the brain.

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“Insomnia is a common sleep disorder defined by night time and daytime symptoms.”

Researchers Identify Brain Differences Linked To Insomnia
“Johns Hopkins researchers report that people with chronic insomnia show more plasticity and activity than good sleepers in the part of the brain that controls movement.”

Increased Use-Dependent Plasticity in Chronic Insomnia
“During normal sleep several neuroplasticity changes occur, some of which are considered to be fundamental to strengthen memories. Given the evidence linking sleep to neuroplasticity, it is conceivable that individuals with chronic sleep disruption, such as patients with chronic insomnia (CI), would experience abnormalities in neuroplastic processes during daytime.”

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