Three planets of our solar system are preparing to do a rare, celestial dance that you’ll actually be able to see from your house! Anthony tells us what’s going on, and how to catch a glimpse.

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Watch the planets dance in a triple conjunction
“Triple planetary conjunctions are relatively rare in the night sky, but astronomers are about to be in for a real treat.”

Planets Aligning in the Sunset Sky
“The sunset of May 26th will be extra special. On that date, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury will gather in the fading twilight to form a bright triangle only three degrees wide.”

Closest grouping of three planets until the year 2021
“After sunset on Sunday, May 26, or Monday, May 27 — depending on where you live worldwide — will showcase the closest grouping of three planets until January 2021.”

Planets for Dessert
“Although the planets and our Moon will appear to be close together, there’s no danger of a collision.”

The Folklore and Reality Behind the Next Planetary Alignment
“News of the next planet alignment seems to occur every few years.”

Planetary Alignment

Planetary Alignment

“Thousands of years ago, men looked to the planets to guide them.”


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