Crush all your mind reading dreams, because ESP isn’t real. People who claim to have ESP are in fact picking up on something, but it’s not brain waves. It’s their own brain putting pieces together, many times, subconsciously. Tune in and watch Laci and Anthony discuss how your super-sleuth brain can pick up on a lot of subtle nuances , maybe even one that could help you solve a murder!

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Detecting Unidentified Changes
“Does becoming aware of a change to a purely visual stimulus necessarily cause the observer to be able to identify or localise the change or can change detection occur in the absence of identification or localisation?”

Is ‘Numerosity’ Humans’ Sixth Sense?
“Whether it’s determining the number of ships on the horizon or the number of cookies in a jar, the human brain has a ‘map’ for perceiving numbers, new research show.”

Sixth Sense Can Be Explained by Science
“The brain picks up on subtle (and not so subtle) changes, but we sometimes fail to articulate these changes.”

Americans’ Beliefs in Paranormal Phenomena (Infographic)
“Belief in the paranormal is common in the United States as trends in movies and television programming reflect the widespread interest in the mystical and supernatural. A look at paranormal beliefs in America.”

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Is Telekinesis Real?

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What Makes Ouija Boards Move?


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