Imagine breathing underwater, mermaid-style. It’s actually possible! Anthony shows us the promising world of breathable liquids.

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Injectable Oxygen Keeps People Alive Without Breathing

Injectable Oxygen Keeps People Alive Without Breathing

“Scientists have made a breakthrough that could save patient’s lives and open up the possibilities for underwater exploration.”

Injecting Life-Saving Oxygen Into a Vein
“Oxygen microparticles could deliver oxygen when breathing is impaired”

Into the Abyss: The Diving Suit That Turns Men Into Fish
“Humans have proven themselves remarkably adept at learning to do what other animals can do naturally.”

Can Humans Breathe Liquids?

Can Humans Breathe Liquids?

“We see instances of humans breathing liquids in sci-fi movies, TV shows and books.”

Injectable Oxygen Could Help People Breathe Underwater; Keep Patients Alive After Lung Failure
“Chemical engineers, particle scientists, and doctors created injectable oxygen particles that carry three to four times the oxygen in our blood cells.”


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