For 3 years now, it has been widely debated whether or not the Y chromosome will disappear. Will men cease to exist on Earth without the gene that created them? Anthony takes a look at recent findings in regards to genetics and the slow demise of the Y chromosome.

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Study Dispels Theories of Y Chromosome’s Demise
“A comparison of Y chromosomes in eight African and eight European men dispels the common notion that the Y’s genes are mostly unimportant and that the chromosome is destined to dwindle and disappear.”

Natural Selection Reduced Diversity on Human Y Chromosomes
“The human Y chromosome exhibits surprisingly low levels of genetic diversity.”

Strict Evolutionary Conservation Followed Rapid Gene Loss on Human and Rhesus Y Chromosomes
“The human X and Y chromosomes evolved from an ordinary pair of autosomes during the past 200-300 million years.”

Y Chromosome, Though Diminished, Is Holding Its Ground

“Men, or at least male biologists, have long been alarmed that their tiny Y chromosome once the same size as its buxom partner, the X, will continue to wither away until it simply vanishes.”

Y Chromosome Losing All Genes, But Men Won’t Become Extinct
“Men fear not. For many years, the Y chromosome, carried only by men, has been losing genes and shrinking.”

The Human Y Chromosome is Not Likely to Disappear
“Is the male Y chromosome at risk of being lost?”

Male Producing Y Chromosome Likely to Disappear, Says Geneticist Jenny Graves at ANU
“The Y chromosome that makes men is poorly designed and degrading rapidly, meaning it’s likely to disappear even while humans remain on the planet, an evolutionary geneticist and “thinker in residence” at a leading Australian college says.”
Men on Road to Extinction
“The researcher in human sex chromosomes said the male Y chromosome was dying and could run out within the next five million years.”

Is the Y Chromosome Disappearing? –Both sides of the Argument
“On August 31, 2011 at the 18th International Chromosome Conference in Manchester, Jenny Graves took on Jenn Hughes to debate the demise (or otherwise) of the mammalian Y chromosome.”

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