Babies might come off as cute and innocent, but are they actually evil geniuses out to manipulate and control us? Laci and Anthony uncover some new findings about how babies might just know more than we thought they did.

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Infant Show Ability To Tell Friends From Foes
“Even before babies have language skills or much information about social structure, they can infer whether others are likely to be friends by observing their likes and dislikes.

Friends or Foes: Infants Use Shared Evaluations To Infer Others’ Social Relationships
“Predicting others’ affiliative relationships is critical to social cognition, but there is little evidence of how this ability develops.”

Babies Know When You’re Faking
“If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands! That’s easy enough for children to figure out because the emotion matches the movement.”

Cry Babies and Pollyannas: Infants Can Detect Unjustified Emotional Reactions
“Infants are attuned to emotional facial and vocal expressions, reacting most prominently when they are exposed to negative expressions.”

Getting Back to the Rough Ground: Deception and ‘Social Living’
“At the heart of the social intelligence hypothesis is the central role of ‘Social Living.'”

Zero to EightChildren’s Media Use in America 2013
“Even a casual observer of children and families today knows big changes are afoot when it comes to children and new media technologies.”

Getting back to the rough ground: deception and ‘social living’
“At the heart of the social intelligence hypothesis is the central role of ‘social living’.”

Early False-Belief Understanding in Traditional non-Western Societies
“The psychological capacity to recognize that other may hold and act on false beliefs has been proposed to reflect an evolved, species-typical adaptation for social reasoning in humans; however, controversy surrounds the development, timing, and universality of this trait.”

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Do Babies Have Feels?

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Baby Talk Makes Sense


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