One of Tara’s biggest dreams comes true – she gets to light Anthony on fire! Luckily, Anthony has science on his side.

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Materials Needed:
– FireIce Polymer Gel
– Sterno Ethanol Gel
– Magnesium Ribbon
– Blow Torch/Lighter
– Water Bucket & Hose

Experiment & Safety Tips:
– This experiment can be very dangerous and cause serious burns, DO NOT attempt unless you have professional supervision!
– We used gel fuel because liquid fuel would absorb into the polymer.
– Keep a full bucket of water and hose ready to extinguish the fire.

Fire Gel Fights House Fires
Fire retardant gel breaks the fire triangle by suffocating the oxygen from the fuel by cooling the heat source, thus breaking the thermal barriers of fire.

How It Works
When the water-saturated gel is encountered, the heat energy from the fire is redirected and is consumed by first having to drive out all of the entrapped water as steam. This prevents the heat from building up to the point of combustion in the surrounding materials.

Finely divided magnesium readily ignites upon heating in air and burns with a bright white flame.

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